Favorite Products - Prestasop 1.7 Module

This document covers the installation and use of this module and reveals answers to common problems and issues - I encourage you to read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties. You can find always fresh version of this documentation by this URL

To install this module you must have working version of Prestashop already installed. For information in regard to installing the Prestashop platform, please see the Prestashop Documentation


1. Add "Add to Favorites" button to Product Listing Page

Wishlist module requires custom hooks to be present in your theme.

{hook h='displayWishButton' product_id=$product.id product_comb_id=$product.id_product_attribute} - this hook used to display "Add to Favorites" button. Necessary location of this hook for Product Listing Pages is in the file:


Installation of Prestashop Wishlist Products

2. Add "Add to Favorites" button to Product Page

Following hook {hook h='displayProductButtons' product=$product} is necessary to disaply "Add to Favorites" button for the Product Page. The file where you have to add it is:


Installation of Prestashop Wishlist Products

There are several options available in the module settings

Installation of Prestashop Wishlist Products

Installation is quite simple, there is nothing more than default PrestaShop mechanisms. You have two ways to install the module.

Back-Office (BO) Installation

  1. Unzip downloaded archive. You will get two folders, "documentation", and "module"
  2. Navigate to Modules section in your BO.
  3. Click "Upload a Module" button at the top right corner.
  4. Now you will see the upload form, please select pk_wishlist-v.1.0.zip from your disk.
  5. Confirm your choice, upload module. You will see confirmation message.
  6. Find "Product Wish List" in your modules list, and install it
  7. Manual Installation

    1. Connect to your server
    2. Navigate to /modules/ folder in the root of your PrestaShop
    3. Unzip pk_wishlist-v.1.0.zip and upload pk_wishlist folder to your server. The path should be like this: /modules/pk_wishlist
    4. Now go to your BackOffice
    5. Navigate to Modules section
    6. Find "Product Wish List" on your modules list
    7. Click "Install" button

The most important tool of the "Translation" page is in the "Modify translations" section. This is where you can choose to add a translation, and completely customize each and every sentence if you wish so. Go to "International" > "Translations" to get it
Select the part of the current translation that you wish to edit: Installed modules translations.
Find there "Compage Products" module to translate it.

If you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased the theme feel free to drop us a notice at [email protected]